Art. no. 2009

The new Generation of Sealing Sheets

The btf-FLEXIBLE sheet is really top. It is extremely soft and flexible and therefore optimally fits the conditions of the construction site.

The barrier is self-adhesive on both ends, so that the reliable adhesive-on-adhesive system takes action. The seams are processed using a pressure roller. The special adhesive on the edge is of such high quality that even temperatures of -5° C at the construction site in winter do not present a problem. btf-FLEXIBLE remains completely flexible, even at temperatures below zero, and low temperatures do not have any negative effects on processing. Therefore, there is no blowing on the adhesive layers in the cold, even if the barrier is stored in unheated rooms in the winter. Penetrations or intersections are installed with the btf-FLEXIBLE mounting strips.

Due to the dual-sided fleece coating, the sealing sheet is also suitable for concealed use. The adhesive strength in conjunction with the cement mortar has been tested. btf-FLEXIBLE is also available and applicable in all widths as a masonry barrier.


  • Width: from 11.5 cm to 100 cm
  • Length: 50 rm
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg (1 m x 50 rm)
  • Sd Value: > 1500 m
  • Pieces per Pallet: depending on width – 28 to 240 pieces