Art. no. 1108

High Quality Milk Carton Cardboard Substitute

In order to avoid quality fluctuations and the resulting problems for our clients, we have developed a high-quality MILK CARTON FLEECE (milk carton cardboard substitute). Unlike conventional milk carton cardboard that is made from recycled material, our MILK CARTON FLEECE is made of la fibres and also provides consistent length, thickness and width dimensions. Its special membrane means that our milk carton fleece is especially stable and therefore impermeable, making it extremely suitable for long-term protection.

Another special feature of our MILK CARTON FLEECE is the special non-slip coating on the underside. Our fleece is specially developed for use outdoors. Unlike milk carton cardboard, our milk carton fleece absorbs liquids straight away.


  • Roll: 0,90 m x 55,55 linear metres
  • Palette: 24 units
  • Weight: 14 kg