Art. no. 3100 + 3101

Universal Primer for almost all Substrates

btf-SYSTEM SPECIAL PRIMER was developed for the installation of cold self-adhesive sealing sheets. With btf-SYSTEM SPECIAL PRIMER, you can work directly on mineral substrates (brick,concrete, lime sandstone, etc.). Within 10 minutes, there is a reddish, sticky substrate that can be worked with immediately and shows you if the substrate is wet, damp or dry. Due to our integrated “wet walls protection system”, there can be no processing errors. The btf-SYSTEM SPECIAL PRIMER can still be used in places where other primers fail, such as if there is condensation or fog, at -5° C as well as up to +60° C. With btf-SYSTEM SPECIAL PRIMER, you can take care of the building’s waterproofing without down times and in doing so, save on costs.


  • Application Temperatures: -5° C to +70° C
  • Use: ca. 100-250 g/m²
  • Drum: 15 kg (Art. no. 3100), 4.5 kg (Art. no. 3101)