btf-WU Waterproof Concrete Joint Sealant

Art. no. 3600

Tight Joints with Rising Water Pressure

btf-WU Joint Sealant is a joint sealant for constructions made of waterproof concrete (WU) and has been tested and approved up to an immersion depth of 5 m (0.5 bar) in accordance with the guidelines from the German Committee for Structural Concrete (DafStb).

Spray btf-WU Joint Sealant into the joint from outside, lightly press WU Protective Fleece onto the btf-WU Joint Compound – done!


  • Poly-tube Bag: 600 ml
  • Sd Value: 80 m, in accordance with DIN 7783-2
  • Fire Protection: B2 colour: Blue-grey
  • Use: 1 m/poly-tube bag
  • Packaging: 12 pieces/carton, 60 cartons/pallet