Our new fire-retardant btf special protective fleeces are here

After several months of intensive examinations and tests, our two new protective fleece variants are now available as anti-slide and self-adhesive. The btf special protective fleece is ideal for the long-term protection of floors during the building phase. It protects all floor coverings from soiling and damage. The anti-slide coating on the fleece ensures that it always remains where it was rolled out. The fleece is moisture-impermeable from above and highly vapour-permeable from below, meaning that moisture can escape well from the freshly installed floor. Additionally, our self-adhesive special fleece offers the option of being adhered to a wide variety of materials in an upright position. Our self-adhesive fleece is also particularly suitable for protecting stairs; thanks to its self-adhesive property, it adheres well and does not slide.The behaviour in fire of both fleeces was tested and they were classified as fire-retardant.

The base to be protected and the material must be clean and dry. In the event of non-compliance, stains (shadows, streaks) can emerge. Extreme care is required in use on freshly integrated natural stone and tiled floors, as well as on freshly treated parquet. The fleeces should be tested out in a secluded place before they are laid out.

Our two new protective fleeces are the ideal complement to the btf protect stone. In a multi-layer composite with PE foam, this protective fleece is very impact-resistant and is also coated on an anti-slide basis.

Three first-class protective fleeces that offer sure protection according to use.