The btf brand combines unique construction solutions and sustainable partnerships to create a house full of innovations. The 3 columns in the logo symbolize the main applications of floor, wall and roof, which are connected with each other fluently. This hand-in-hand mentality characterizes not only the system concept of the innovative btf products, but also the values in daily cooperation. btf is innovative in its products, faithful in all partnerships and pragmatic in its individual customer solutions.

The self-levelling epoxy primer. btf BH 103 Construction Resin.

The new btf BH 103 Construction Resin two-component highlight product is perfectly suited for the manufacture of highly wear-resistant and chemical-resistant screeds on concrete floors and can be used both on older and new concrete. Whether in the 10 kg or 25 kg combination container – it’s your choice.

Soft. Flexible. Self-adhesive. btf Flexible New – The new generation of sealing membranes.

btf Flexible New can be used to seal floor slabs in a whole new way. The sealing membrane is extremely soft and flexible and can thus be perfectly adapted to the conditions on the construction site. Both edges of the highlight product are self-adhesive, ensuring that the proven “glue-on-glue” system can unfold its effects in the overlap area.


btf Innovationen für den Bau is a synonym for high-quality products with the “Made in Germany” quality label. Established in 1993 in Bayreuth, the company is continuously working on ideas for new products in Landsberg am Lech today, always operating in close contact with its customers from the construction sector and the industry.

btf Innovationen für den Bau GmbH
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