A House Full of Innovations - this is the mission statement we committed to. Established in 1993 as a medium-sized family-owned company in Bayreuth, our mission from the very beginning was to develop pioneering construction products while offering the best related services. The company’s success paralleled with increasing capacity demands, inducing us to relocate our headquarters to Kaufering in 2010. Nonetheless, the required office and warehouse facilities quickly became too small here as well, which is why the company moved to Landsberg am Lech in 2017. Here, we are continuously working on ideas for new products while scheduling current projects.

Close contact and strong relationships to the construction sector and the industry have been fostering the company’s sustained growth since its establishment. Since then, the concept of exclusively developing high-quality products has been making us one of the major providers of patented construction systems. Today, btf is much more than a family-run company; it is a genuine brand. Our products bear the “Made in Germany” quality label, which means that we develop pioneering products for our customers, securing workplaces in German in the long term.

btf Innovationen für den Bau GmbH
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