Product Downloads

Sound Insulation Products

btf-4mm Silent Layer Mat

Moisture Barriers & Barrier Waterproofing Liners

btf-Procell F+M

Protective Products

btf-Special Protective Fleece low flammability and self-adhesive

btf-Special Protective non-slip Fleece low flammability

btf-Protect Stone

Construction Waterproofing

btf-Futhene New

btf-Futhene Waterstop

btf-WU Waterproof Concrete Joint Sealant

btf-BORA Joint Sealing Barrier

Undercoat System

btf-System Special Primer

Adhesive and Sealing Products

btf-Perimeter Insulation Panel adhesive

Roof Products

btf-DASBA Vapour Barrier